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Health Plans
for your pet

Health Plan for Cats

A complete care programme for your cat, with all the basic services to maintain perfect health, along with discounts on products, services and treatments. Includes:

  • Unlimited consultations only during normal clinic opening hours
  • Annual vaccinations for rabies and pentavalent
  • Annual analysis of blood (red and white blood cell control)
  • Annual analysis for Leukaemia and feline immune deficiency
  • 3 Monthly analysis of faeces
  • 3 Monthly worming treatment (nematodes and tapeworms)
  • Telephone assistance during normal clinic opening hours
  • 25% discount on day time emergencies (out of clinic opening hours from 8am to midnight)
  • 20% discount on night time emergencies (from midnight to 8am)
  • 20% discount on surgery
  • 15% discount on call-out services (consultations, vaccinations, grooming, etc)
  • 10% discount on x-rays and echo ultrasound scans
  • 10% discount on hospital stays
  • 5% discount on food and items on sale in the shop
  • 5% discount on grooming
  • 10% discount on any additional pets covered