Animal Salud offers the best equipment and the most up-to-date techniques in preventative medicine and treatment for your pet. We have developed a team with more than 20 years experience working throughout the world.

We can fulfil all your requirements and the needs of your pet.

Health Plans

The Animal Salud Health plans are global vet services that allow us to program and organize everything you need for your pets' well-being.

They give me benefits:
- They focus on prevention rather than cure. They keep me healthy all the time.
- My health is much more supervised: every year I have a thorough ckeck up, al least 4 visits to my vet, including additional ones needed.
- They know me thoroughly and if I have problems they're diagnosed early, which provides for a rapid and better cure.
- They take care that nothing is missed.

Benefits for you:
- You become a special customer of our Veterinary Centre.
- We take care of the whole organization: we remind you of appointments and treatments to fit in with your schedule.
- Greater ease of payment.
- All the vet visits you need.
- Economic benefits: training and offers (100% off to the vet visits and other discounts on surgery, food, shop purchases...).

How to join?
It's very easy: come and talk to us, we'll show you the most suitable plan for your pet, we take care of the direct debit to your account and all the paperwork.

Wich one is best for you?

Preventative Medicine

By planning a schedule for vaccinations, anti-worming treatments and gastric check-ups we aim to avoid your pet, unnecessarily, becoming ill.
Our principle mission.

Imaging Diagnostics

RADIOLOGY - We are able to take x-rays on site allowing us to identify, with much more precision, bone lesions and other types of pathology problems in a matter of minutes.

ECHO ULTRASOUND - This is an imaging diagnostic technique that emits no radiation and causes no harm to or is uncomfortable for your pet.

ENDOSCOPY - For the diagnosis and the treatment directly and less invasive.


Very frequently vets see pets with heart complaints and precise diagnosis and the correct treatment is imperative to ensure a much longer life for your pet.

At Animal Salud we offer the services of cardiologists including tests such as electrocardiographs and echo ultra sound.

Reproduction and Obstetrics

With the aid of laboratory testing we can identify the optimum state for mating. We can carry out artificial insemination when necessary.

Our aim is the early detection of problems and diseasses related to reproduction.


We are able to detect and assess the early stages of mammary, bone and skin tumours. When necessary, we can then treat your pet using chemotherapy and/or surgery.

Home Visits

If you are unable to bring your pet to our clinic then we can make a home visit.

This service is only a call away. One of our vets will be with you as soon as possible to treat your pet.

General Consultations

With regular check-ups we can provide the attention your pet needs for it´s general wellbeing.

Our staff always study previous records and examinations, as well as the most recent, to provide a better diagnosis and so are able to recommend the best palliative and curative treatment for each case.


Your pet is supervised from admission until it has made a full recovery.

Our operating theatre is fully equipped affording the highest level of safety during surgery.


At our clinic we provide:

Dental cleaning
Cosmetic and reconstruction treatments
Conventional and surgical extractions
Periodontal surgery
Prostodontics and implants
Maxilofacial surgery
Preventative care

Neonatology and Pediatrics

With this service we look after your puppy from birth, through weaning and upto adulthood.

We will carry out diagnostics to identify, early, congenital disorders such as hip dysplasia, heart problems, hypothyroidism, etc...

Cremation Service and Ashes Collection

We can organise the collection and the cremation of your faithful companion. Then, if required, we will collect and delivery the ashes.

Dog and Cat Grooming

In our grooming salon we provide all types of cuts and specialites for different breeds.

For cats we administer mild sedative to avoid unnecessary distress for your pet.

Of course, our grooming staff will always give you enough time and attention to ensure that you are completely satisfied.


The microchip is a compulsory method of identification for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Under law, your animal must be identified and registered with the RAIA.

NEW! A microchip that not only identifies your pet but measures body temperature as well. ASK US!


Animal Salud is a veterinary hospital with spacious, heated cages to provide comfortable accommodation for even the largest animal during their stay.

The accommodation area is constantly supervised and monitored by our team.

There is also an isolation room for animals with contagious illnesses.


We offer a full ophthalmic service.

Many problems appear as lesions across the eye and regular eye check-ups are the key to your pet's healthy vision..


With our Senior Pet Plans we aim to control the aliments that commonly occur during this stage of life.

With specific treatments we can manage pain and minimise the effects of heart, urinary, haematology and endocrine problems, all related to age. Giving a better quality of life for our faithful four-legged companions.


We have the highest quality food and health products available.

We can also provide special dietary requirements for dogs and cats such as weight control, for heart problems kidney problems, etc.

Our shop is full of products and accessories to help enhance the wellbeing of your pet.

Clinical Analysis

At Animal Salud we have our own laboratory so we can carry out blood, urine and faeces testing and obtain immediate results.

Thanks to this facility we can quickly give a diagnosis and implement treatment.


Daily we are seeing more allergy problems in our pets, especially with certain breeds.

Everyday we are better able to diagnose these problems thanks to good clinical examination and carrying out specific tests for skin disorders.


Our VNA qualified staff will advise you on the dietary needs of your pet during the different stages of it's life and through illnesses and health issues.

This is one of the many services we offer FREE of charge.


Through our endocrinology service, with specific analysis, we can diagnose illnesses like Cushing's Syndrome, thyroid problems (particularly in old cats) and issues with diabetes.